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Descargar Comics de DC del 21 de abril 2010

Supergirl 052
Continued from ADVENTURE COMICS #10! Supergirl meets Brainiac 5 of the Legion of Super-Heroes for the first time! But Brainy has not only already met Supergirl, he\\\'s already loved and lost her. Confused? Not as confused as Supergirl! Plus, Brainiac unleashes a weapon that spells the end for New Krypton and only Superman and the Legionnaires can stop it!

Green Lantern 053
A BRIGHTEST DAY tie-in! Exploding out of BLACKEST NIGHT comes the next exciting chapter in the Green Lantern mythos: \\\"New Guardians\\\"! Forced together during the rise of the Black Lanterns, Hal Jordan, Sinestro, Carol Ferris, Saint Walker, Atrocitus, Indigo-1 and Larfleeze must agree to disagree if their next mission is to succeed. But when one of the strangest beings from Green Lantern\\\'s past returns, the future of the Lanterns and the universe at large once again falls into question.

Batman - Streets of Gotham 011
As Gotham City swirls in a maelstrom of evil and villainy, three of the most unlikely candidates – Catwoman, Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn – step forward to bring some light to the situation. But will their efforts enough to stem the tide of madness and mayhem?

The Spirit 01
The Spirit returns in an all-new ongoing series! Central City destroys everyone who lives within its it\\\'s a good thing The Spirit already died once! International crime syndicate The Golden Tree wants to help Central City\\\'s Octopus consolidate control over the underworld and the Spirit is the kind of mess the Golden Tree was created to clean up. They\\\'ve offered the Octopus the services of one of their finest assassins to take his breath away for good – and the sight of this killer would get anyone\\\'s heart pounding!

This issue also features the debut of the eight-page THE SPIRIT: BLACK and WHITE co-feature, showcasing the industry\\\'s finest talent. And who better to kick things off than DENNIS O\\\'NEIL and BILL SIENKIEWICZ?

Superman/ Batman 071
It\\\'s the final showdown! When N-RGX targets Superman and his Fortress of Solitude, Batman is left alone in space to go head-to-head with the most vicious of alien terrorists!

Power Girl 011
Power Girl\\\'s life has been torn apart, and the last thing she needs is to find out that one of her closest allies is now one of her deadliest enemies! But, we\\\'re sorry to say, that\\\'s exactly what Satanna has managed to serve up!

The Brave and the Bold 033
Oh yes, it\\\'s ladies\\\' night! Batgirl, Wonder Woman and Zatanna enjoy a nice, peaceful evening on the town that absolutely won\\\'t be interrupted by any kind of superheroic hijinks whatsoever... and if you believe that, there\\\'s a giant bronze globe in Metropolis we\\\'d like to sell you!

Justice League of America 044
A BRIGHTEST DAY tie-in! Following the events of BLACKEST NIGHT, the brand new Justice League of America enters into BRIGHTEST DAY with an arc featuring the Justice Society of America. The epic team-up begins with a character from the end of BLACKEST NIGHT joining the JLA. But when the storyline\\\'s over, what mysterious villain will be revealed – and which hero will switch teams?

Air 020
The lost plane of legendary author-aviator Antoine De Saint Exupery has been the Puget Sound of Washington, halfway across the world from where he disappeared. On the second leg of her pilot\\\'s test, Blythe and her crew must marshal all their skills to find out why.

Blackest Night Director\\\'s Cut 01
Prepare for the ultimate behind-the-scenes experience from the event of the century! With the creative minds behind BLACKEST NIGHT as your tour guides, you\\\'ll marvel at hidden Easter eggs and meanings throughout the series in our director\\\'s commentary section. Discover shocking scenes that were left on the cutting room floor including actual script pages that were never drawn. Be astonished at incredible never-before-seen designs from the best-selling event! Plus, many more exclusives that you\\\'ll witness within this mammoth special including an early look into BRIGHTEST DAY!

Straight from the pages of TITANS, Starfire joins our merry band just in time for super-genius Vril Dox to pick up the pieces from last issue\\\'s climactic battle with Starro the Conqueror. First on his agenda: rebuild his interplanetary police squad, L.E.G.I.O.N.

Azrael 07
His sanity starting to crack, Azrael tracks down Hide \\\'n\\\' Seek, a pair of kidnappers whose actions bring back some very painful, fractured memories for Michael Lane. Can a psychiatrist assigned by the GCPD help Lane keep it together before Azrael goes berserk?

American Vampire 02
It\'s been nearly 20 years since notorious outlaw Skinner Sweet was buried on boot hill. But when a group of grave-robbing collectors of Western memorabilia uncover his final resting place, they find much, much more than they bargained for. And: Pearl Jones was attacked and left for dead by a cabal of powerful Hollywood vampires. Now, a mysterious stranger comes calling and Pearl gets a second chance at life - and at revenge.

Joe the Barbarian 04
Who are the mysterious Sorcerors of Inventoria, and why have they taken a vow of cowardice? The mysteries of the Iron Kingdom and its relationship to Joe\'s real world are revealed at last, and a new companion joins the doomed fellowship for a voyage into Ultimate Darkness.

Hellblazer 266
The politics of slam dancing reach a fever pitch and Constantine is dressed to kill. But looks can be deceiving – especially for a pathetic gang of aging skinheads, their fresh-faced new recruits and John\'s hot new alchemist/accomplice, Epiphany.

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