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Descargar Lobo - Highway to Hell 02 (of 2)

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DC Comics
Download Lobo - Highway to Hell 02 (of 2) / Descagar el comic de Lobo - Highway to Hell 02 (of 2)
It's been a long hard road into Hell, but Lobo's face to face with Satan at last! And make no mistake, he's going to stab the Devil right in his... adorable... blond-haired... pretty... What the frag?!? This is not what the Main Man was expecting, people! Anthrax icon Scott Ian and warped genius Sam Kieth have clearly lost their minds — join them, won't you?

Lobo - Highway to Hell 02 (of 2) (2010) (OllietheOx-GreenGiant-DCP)

Descargar Pilot Season Murderer #1

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Top Cow
Download Pilot Season Murderer #1 / Descargar el Comic de Pilot Season Murderer #1 CPS
From the creative minds of Image partners Robert Kirkman & Marc Silvestri! This is the story of a murderer. But this killer only hunts and murders people who deserve it, before they can hurt others. The only question is how does he select his victims?

Descargar X-Men Forever #13

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Marvel Comics
Download X-Men Forever #13 / Descargar el comic de X-Men Forever #13 MINUTEMEN
Join Comics Legend CHRIS CLAREMONT and original series artist TOM GRUMMETT as they continue making history in the landmark X-MEN FOREVER! The X-Men continue their adventures in RUSSIA! Reuniting with Peter Rasputin has been a bittersweet experience for Kitty Pryde: emotionally, Peter isn�t the same man she used to know. Now with the disappearance of Illyana Rasputin, Peter, Kitty, Gambit, Lil' 'Ro and the leader of the Russian mutant force known as the Winter Guard, the Black Widow, must use every resource to track Illyana down. For another threat lies within the innocent little girl...Dark Magik!!! Don�t miss a minute of this groundbreaking series.

Descargar The Complete Dracula #4

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Dynamite Comics
Download The Complete Dracula #4 / Descargar el Comic de The Complete Dracula #4
Welcome to issue four of the complete Dracula, last issue we saw Lucy eat most of London, without anyone being much the wiser, and we saw Dracula roaming about menacingly too. This issue, the characters get in on the action, and realize some of the things that have been going on. The star of this issue is Mina though, she's kind of the star of the whole series, but this issue she proves totally indispensible. Thank goodness the other characters know that and keep her safe...oh....wait...

Descargar Farscape Dargos Quest #1

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Boom Comics
Download Farscape Dargos Quest #1 / Descargar el Comic de Farscape Dargos Quest #1
Cycles ago, D'Argo was convicted of his wife's murder. It wasn't him, it was her Peacekeeper brother. Now D'Argo is on the hunt for this man. What he soon discovers is that the key to his wife's killer is...Raxil. Frelling Raxil. Will D'Argo's great irritation be his greatest help? Executive produced by Farscape creator Rockne S. O'Bannon!

Descargar Days Missing #5 (of 05)

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Comics Alternativos
Download Days Missing #5 (of 05) / Descargar el Comic de Days Missing #5 (of 05)

The Large Hadron Super Collider is about to go operational. Humanity is poised to re-create the same conditions that resulted in the Big Bang and the birth of the universe. Physicist Kate Prosper notices something in one of the tests, a temporal anomaly with no reasonable scientific explanation. Meanwhile, Alain Murais would do anything to save his dying son, who is suffering from leukemia. But he's out of money, insurance and time. Kate and Alain's paths will collide not only with one another, but also the mysterious Steward!

Days Missing #5 (of 05) (2009) (c2c) (Minutemen-DarthKing)

Descargar X-Men Noir - Mark of Cain #1 (of 04)

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Marvel Comics
Download X-Men Noir - Mark of Cain #1 (of 04) / Descargar el comic de X-Men Noir - Mark of Cain #1 (of 04)
"In the dark and steamy jungles of Madripoor, the flashing claws of Logan, the blazing bullets of Cyclops, and the dashing fists of the Angel met with wave after wave of beserk headhunters, all willing to protect the secrets of the Temple-Tomb of Cyttorak with their lives! The ancient treasure map of mercenary Cain Marko, with its siren-song of the priceless gigantic ruby of the fabled god-king, had lured them only into the icy claws of Death!"

X-Men Noir - Mark of Cain #1 (of 04) (2010) (two covers) (Minutemen-DTs)

Descargar War Machine #12

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Marvel Comics
Download War Machine #12 / Descargar el comic de War Machine #12
Marvel's Trial of the Century concludes in "War Crimes" Part 2! After targeting madmen and monsters around the globe, James Rhodes must now confront the consequences of his controversial actions! Red tape couldn�t stop War Machine...but will chains, handcuffs and prison bars halt his quest in this series finale?

War Machine #12 (2010) (Minutemen-DTs)

Descargar Web of Spider-Man #3

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Marvel Comics
Download Web of Spider-Man #3 / Descargar el comic de Web of Spider-Man #3
His name is The Rhino, and when his will is set, there's no one he can't run through to get the job done. If Spidey manages to survive the first wave of the Gauntlet, he won't want to as The Rhino stands ready for him next. Webhead Wonder Fred Van Lente and Super-Spider-Star Barry Kitson bring you The Rhino�s history through the Rhino�s own eyes as he gears up for the dropdown-all-out slugfest of the year in next month's Amazing Spider-Man! Over, in the pages of the Spectacular Spider-Girl, May Parker stands against the cult of the Goblin, while April Reilly will find herself allied with the last person you'd expect. And finally, a look at the honeymoon that has swept the globe catches us up with Aunt May and her new husband, J. Jonah Jameson Sr.!

Web of Spider-Man #3 (2010) (fixed) (Minutemen-DTs)

Descargar The Walking Dead # 68

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Image Comics
Download The Walking Dead #68 / Descargar el Comic de The Walking Dead #68

Another stranger is encountered on the way to Washington. The information this man brings could change everything for the survivors.


The Walking Dead #68 (2009) (Minutemen-DTs)

Descargar Tank Girl - Dark Nuggets

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Image Comics
Download Tank Girl - Dark Nuggets / Descargar el Comic de Tank Girl - Dark Nuggets
FIRST IN A LINE OF SPECIAL TANK GIRL ONE-SHOTS FROM IMAGE COMICS! We find our heroine in a particularly dark mood as she battles her way through three stories: exorcising nostalgic demons; getting beaten up by her friends; and getting shot to pieces by a man named Duncan Cockskin. Meanwhile, her kangaroo partner Booga takes a trip to the psychiatrist after a harrowing ordeal in a donut shop. If you like your Tank Girl nasty then DARK NUGGETS is just for you. Contains bad language, dirty jokes and 1970s game show hosts.

Tank Girl - Dark Nuggets (2009) (Minutemen-DTs)

Descargar Realm of Kings - Imperial Guard #2 (of 05)

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Marvel Comics
Download Realm of Kings - Imperial Guard #2 (of 05)/ Descargar el comic de Realm of Kings - Imperial Guard #2 (of 05)
Is Black Bolt alive? The Imperial Guard's mission into the bizarre and dangerous realm of the Fault begins! Their objective: to find any remaining evidence of the two missing kings! Patience and restraint are put to the test as the Guard is obliged to work alongside the pirate Starjammers they have spent so many years pursuing. Can they learn to get along...or will the Fault finish them before they get the chance?

Realm of Kings - Imperial Guard #2 (of 05) (2010) (Minutemen-Sha-Hic!)

Descarga Punisher Noir #4

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Marvel Comics
Download Punisher Noir #4 (of 04) / Descargar el comic de Punisher Noir #4 (of 04) The Punisher has torn through the New York underworld and now there's only one man standing between him and the man he's been aching to kill for years. But this man's got a major bone to pick with Frank. It all comes to a head in one violent night at the Bronx Zoo. The Punisher is about to experience what it's like to be on the receiving end of some payback...from Russia with love.

Punisher Noir #4 (of 04) (2010) (two covers) (Minutemen-DTs)

Descargar The New Avengers Annual #3

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Marvel Comics
Download The New Avengers Annual #3 / Descargar el comic de The New avengers Annual #3
Clint Barton is in custody and that leaves not only Barton's life in severe jeopardy but all the New Avengers are at serious risk. So the ladies of the Avengers ban together to do what they have to do in a double-sized blockbuster Avengers story with a startling new chapter in the life of Jessica Jones. Brought to you by Brian Michael Bendis and artist extraordinaire Mike Mayhew.

The New Avengers Annual #3 (2010) (Minutemen-Sha-Hic!)

Descargar Groo - The Hogs of Horder #2 (of 04)

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Dark Horse Comics
Download Groo - The Hogs of Horder #2 (of 04) / Descargar el comic de Groo - The Hogs of Horder #2 (of 04)
Unemployment is rising... debts are swelling... and no one can afford to buy anything.

Fortunately, that's only happening in the world of Groo the Wanderer, not in real life! Breathe a sigh of sweet relief and join Groo as, aided and abetted by the award-winning team of Sergio Aragonés and Mark Evanier, he rambles across the land, adding economic destruction to the many other catastrophes that he usually spreads. Also in this issue, we meet King Huhu and learn what he has to do with the whole mess!

Groo - The Hogs of Horder #2 (of 04) (2009) (Minutemen-DTs)

Descargar DMZ #48

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Vertigo Comics
Download DMZ #48 - Descargar el comic de DMZ #48
"Hearts and Minds" part 4 of 5! The USA, in the name of global stability, is abandoning all manner of negotiation, peace talks, ceasefires and diplomacy and moving forward unilaterally in its goal of...

DMZ #48 (2010) (Minutemen-DTs)

Descargar Citizen Rex #6 (of 06)

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Dark Horse Comics
Download Citizen Rex #6 (of 06) / Descargar el comic de Citizen Rex #6 (of 06)
After the explosive finish to the Blanc Masque gala, Sergio awakes to find himself... on a TV talk show? Secrets come out and dirty laundry is aired when Citizen Rex grants his final interview in "As the Nights Bite, So the Days Bite Back."

Everything comes back to the very beginning, with the answers behind the mysterious "block" and Sergio's attack in this startling conclusion to Mario and Gilbert Hernandez's sexy sci-fi epic!

The mind-bending finale!

Citizen Rex #6 (of 06) (2009) (Minutemen-DTs)

Descargar B.P.R.D. - The War on Frogs #4

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Dark Horse Comics
Download B.P.R.D. - The War on Frogs #4 / Descargar el comic de B.P.R.D. - The War on Frogs #4
Johann Kraus, the ectoplasmic man, leads a team of B.P.R.D. agents against the frog monsters as they spread across the country. But this time, burning the nest of frogs is not the end of the battle for Johann, as he learns about the horrifying afterlife of the Bureau's sworn enemies.

Peter Snejbjerg (Starman, The Books of Magic) tackles the final issue in the B.P.R.D.: War on Frogs series with series writer John Arcudi.

B.P.R.D. - The War on Frogs #4 (of 04) (2009) (Minutemen-DTs)

Descargar The Amazing Spider-Man #614

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Marvel Comics
Download The Amazing Spider-Man #614 / Descargar el comic de The Amazing Spider-Man #614
POWER TO THE PEOPLE Finale! Spidey and Mayor Jameson have to put their differences aside to pull the plug on the supercharged Electro once and for all--but at the cost of one of the best-known and most beloved landmarks in the Marvel Universe as THE GAUNTLET continues to rock Spidey's world!

The Amazing Spider-Man #614 (2010) (Minutemen-Megatonic)

Descargar Revista Wizard # 220

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Download Wizard Magazine #220 / Descargate la revista de Comics Wizard en su numero 220 Que ahora nos trae el regreso de uno de los heroes icono de la casa de las ideas.
Si amigos Steve Rogers is back! como se ha visto ya en algunos anuales, aun cuando no ha salido el Reborn numero 5, otros escritores ya se le adelantaron a Brubaker y con sendos Spoilers es un echo que esta de vuelta.

Wizard Magazine - 220 (2010) (shaw001)

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