domingo, 13 de diciembre de 2009

Descargar Tank Girl - Dark Nuggets

Image Comics
Download Tank Girl - Dark Nuggets / Descargar el Comic de Tank Girl - Dark Nuggets
FIRST IN A LINE OF SPECIAL TANK GIRL ONE-SHOTS FROM IMAGE COMICS! We find our heroine in a particularly dark mood as she battles her way through three stories: exorcising nostalgic demons; getting beaten up by her friends; and getting shot to pieces by a man named Duncan Cockskin. Meanwhile, her kangaroo partner Booga takes a trip to the psychiatrist after a harrowing ordeal in a donut shop. If you like your Tank Girl nasty then DARK NUGGETS is just for you. Contains bad language, dirty jokes and 1970s game show hosts.

Tank Girl - Dark Nuggets (2009) (Minutemen-DTs)

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