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Descargar Comic X Factor Forever 2

Marvel Comics
Download X Factor Forever 2 / Descargar el comic de X Factor Forever 2 Miercoles 14 abril 2010

The Story: Enslavement. Torture. Annihilation. Apocalypse looked into the future of mutantkind and, foreseeing disaster, enacted an end-game to save the children of the atom from the hatred of their less-gifted but more numerous brethren. But his plan to create a burgeoning mutant population has backfired disastrously. When a Celestial arrives to stand judgment on humanity, will X-Factor and their sworn enemy be forced to work together to assure humanity’s salvation? Find out as beloved X-Factor creator Louise Simonson and fan-favorite Dan Panosian continue to deliver the twists in this FOREVER epic!


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